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Welcome to NPC - Atlantic

NPC - Atlantic will enable the delivery of development opportunities in the Atlantic Region to support the betterment of skating. Instead of having a fixed location, NPC - Atlantic opportunities will move around the region to enable a greater reach to our community. 

 Schedule of Events:

No events are currently scheduled.  Please check back for updates.


Additional activities to be offered may include:


Coach/Official Development Seminars are open to all coaches and officials. These development opportunities are meant to support education, encourage networking and allow coaches to share ideas, tips and strategies to strengthen our community and careers. See calendars below for specific topics and dates. There is no charge for these sessions.


Coach/Skater Development Seminars will see coaches and skaters involved in workshops to explore different areas of development. 


Mentor Coach Days are days scheduled to allow coaches at any level to bring their student(s) to have a lesson with a Mentor Coach. This experience is meant to enhance the learning of the coach and skater and provide support to your regular training. On off ice component may be available this day as well. Coaches must sign up for time slots on each day to reserve their lesson. Coaches may then invoice their skater to recover the fees. 


To register visit the "How to Register" tab and then go to the Registration page. 



Below are pathway grids designed to assist skaters and coaches in determining where they are on the pathway of development to high performance. 

Pathway Grid - Ladies.pdf

Pathway Grid - Men.pdf

Pathway Grid - Pairs.pdf

Pathway Grid - Dance.pdf